Standerton Campus

A neat and popular site for prospective students who seek outstanding qualifications and knowledge. This campus in Standerton is known for its ability to equip students with excellent, applicable knowledge and skills.

The Institute for Commerce and Industry, today known as Standerton Campus, was established in 1966. Part-time evening classes were offered on a contract basis in the municipal offices. The initiative of establishing the College was undertaken by the Standerton Local Municipality.

In 1983 full-time commercial subjects were offered by 3 lecturers housed in the Jerry van Vuuren building. A decade later, in 1993, the Campus, known then as Standerton Technical College was moved to its present premises with appropriate infrastructure.

Both Business Studies and Engineering Studies were offered full-time with evening classes on demand. The Technical Colleges of Standerton, Evander and Ermelo were merged to form the Gert Sibande College in 2002.

Standerton Campus offers diversified courses, provides skills training for the unemployed, advanced courses for corporate training, and uplifts the local community with professional NCV and Report 191 courses. Besides that, it is proud to announce its practical skills training for Engineering (Electrical with Renewable Energy Technology and Mechanical with Welding) learners in its own workshops. Secretarial students are trained in office skills in the practicum room, Marketing students are trained in Simulation shops and Hospitality students are trained in well-equipped kitchens and restaurant to ensure quality output in the community and industry.